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    Gottfried Engels [Tiger Records]   

Watch-over is the best anti piracy service i know. They work 24/7. Trustworthy and sympathetic with best price guarantee!                                                                                                                                                                 

Yves Murasca [Diamondhouse Records]

Amazing service!!  fast and effectivewith a good price…love it!!  safe your music with them!!

Luis Bonias [Factomania]

Since we engaged with Watch-Over company we can see a boost in digital sales. Very happy with the quality of service from the very begining.

Tom Blacksoul [Blacksoul Records]

Watch-Over is rockin’! Fast, reliablable, great pricing! They get even the most annoying illegal links down! An essential partner for any record label!

Roland Bartha [Mjuzieek Digital]

It did work very good for me ,countless link take down, reached BP tech house chart for 10 days in a row with my track “Echale Candela” during the pirate links protection period.                                                                                                                                                                                Dr.Kucho [Disc Doctor]

 This company is unreal !!! You can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days. Even on the weekends they care about your contents. We are very satisfied with Watch-Over.

Crazibiza [Pornostar Records]

I think it is a great service, because most artist and labels don’t have the time and knowedge to find all those links to delete!
My Album sold way better on Beatport , as it was very difficult to find illegal downloads. Most illegal links were only up for few hours or a day!

Khainz [Dj,Producer]

Amazing ! A perfect service to save my tracks ! Love the watch over service ! Save Music !

Falko Niestolik [ We Play / Armada Music]

Save your tracks and protect your copyright with Watch-Over anti-piracy. It works very good!

Phunk Investigation [Phunk Traxx]

This is the only anti-piracy service that we use, that we trust and that works.

Manuel De La Mare [Hotfingers Records]

A friendly, thorough and supportive company who can help any record label grow in this digital age

Mark Wilkinson [Kidology London]